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Software Lifecycle

Including Applications Development, Web Development, Systems Development, Business Analysis, and Quality roles

Software Architecture

Including Applications Architecture, Systems Architecture, Solutions Architecture and Enterprise Architecture roles

Systems Engineering

Including Engineering and Engineering Management roles

Database Administration

Database Administration

Including System DBA, Database Architect, Application DBA and Datawarehouse Administrator roles

Project Management

Including Technical Project Management and PMO roles
Leadership Roles

Leadership Roles

Including Mid-to-Senior and Executive level roles
Network Engineering

Network Engineering

Including Network Engineering and Architect roles
Big Data

Big Data

Including Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer/Data Architect roles


Including Engineer and Architect roles
The Invenio team is comprised of experienced recruiting professionals and former hiring managers with industry specific knowledge.
This allows us to recognize and evaluate top talent for our clients.

Client Services

We partner with SMB companies to help them find the right talent to upgrade their internal technology teams. We represent candidates our clients typically would not have access to Including those who are passive in their job search.

Candidate Services

We help both passive and active job search candidates identify specific opportunities which help them achieve their long-term career goals and aspirations.

Job Opportunities

Contact us to discover some of the amazing career opportunities for you!

“To Find or Discover”

Invenio is a Latin word which means “to find or discover.” It’s our goal to help our clients find the talent to upgrade their internal technology teams and for our candidates to discover career opportunities to help achieve their professional goals.

Invenio is a privately owned Technology focused recruiting firm located in Chandler, AZ. We focus on direct hire positions for our national clients. We operate using a flexible and cost-effective business model which makes us uniquely qualified to offer best-in-class services and value to both our clients and candidates. Areas of recruiting expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Architecture
  • Big Data
  • Systems Engineering
  • DBA
  • Network Engineering
  • Project Management
  • DevOps
  • Business Analyst
  • Leadership Roles
  • Technology Sales
  • Quality Assurance

Whether you are looking to add talent to your technology team, or seeking a new career opportunity, contact us today @480-272-7606

Invenio Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of working with Invenio Search Group recently, and I must say, John and Heidi are two of the most professional individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with! From the moment I applied for the position, the follow up from Invenio was superb. I was kept informed during my whole employment process of what the next steps would be and what I could expect. If I had any questions, they were quickly answered. John worked with me on every aspect of the hiring process. He provided wonderful coaching tips based on my background and the needs of the employer. I was kept abreast of how the interview process was going, and I just felt like John really cared about my own happiness and making sure that the position I applied to would be a good fit. I’m so grateful for Invenio, as I was hired and could not be happier! I would highly recommend Invenio Search Group!”
– Kim G.

“Invenio Search Group has been a key partner, helping us find the right people as we moved from outsourcers to our own internal software development team. When we struggled to find people with the right combination of culture-fit, soft skills, and technical skills Invenio has been able bring us strong candidates. And the Invenio candidates we hired have stuck around, currently making up two-thirds of our technology team. We also appreciate their pricing structure, which makes it simpler for us to budget for recruiting costs.”
– Chuck M.

“Invenio Search Group is my preferred choice for talent acquisition because they understand the importance of identifying candidates that align with our values as well as technical requirements. Invenio consistently sends me well-vetted candidates – saving us a significant amount of time with the interview process. The most successful contributors in our organization came through Invenio Search Group.”
– Bill C.

“Invenio Search Group presented me an opportunity that has turned out to be among the best situations I’ve had in my career. The process was easy and Invenio’s staff made sure I was well prepared and answered all my questions. Some time after accepting my position a vacancy came up on my team, I requested Invenio’s help and let them know that I was looking not only for someone highly technical but someone of high character. The candidate selected has exceeded my expectations and has turned out to be a great fit for my team. Thanks Invenio Search Group!”
– Jerry L.

“Invenio Search Group is one of the top firms I use when we need talented and highly qualified technical resources. They have a great understanding of our business and the skillset required to be successful in our organization. They’ve helped us place several exceptional candidates. Their rates are fair and reasonable. It’s always a pleasure working with Invenio Search Group.”
– Dale B.

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